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We produce Comics, Television Shows, and Movies.

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VailedLight Entertainment​

VailedLight Entertainment is a fan-fueled production company and we aim to be a go-to name when it comes to providing quality solutions for your animation, musical, and production needs while providing original in-house creations like comics, music, and animations.

Jason Dixon

CEO and Founder

Currently Featured:

Dimension Lock: Deathly Stories

TV Show

The story Follows Maytridaris and her Master Death, as they travel the endless surviving and going on daily adventures to reap and one day bring back the old reapers academy. The stories take place before the events of Dimension Lock:runners, and explores the reapers daily lives and shannicans in short animations.


VailedLight Entertainment offers many services ranging from art commissions to project hosting!

Art Commissions

You have that idea stuck in your head of… robot chickens fighting in space over the shiniest egg… Then shoot us your idea and we will help you make your dreams become reality!

Music Commisions

No Animated Series or Movie is complete without a soundtrack that bops!
Much like our art commissions we are here to fulfill your needs regarding soundtracks and pieces for your projects, provided it is within our ability.

VailedLight Entertainment Studio

project hosting

Are you currently working on OR have you finished a project recently
and are looking for a way to find an audience?

Looking for Work?

If you are an artist and are looking to be part of our Team,
then send us your application and after we have reviewed it and meet our qualifications, you can be a part of our Team!


VailedLight Entertainment is looking for partners. If you have a project or series we offer the chance to have your content
appear on our site alongside our numerous other projects so that it gets as much exposure as possible.

Project Oversight

VailedLight offers development assistance for your in-progress projects.


You can have your show or series appear on our site alongside our other series.

Talent Searching

Get in contact with our team and we find you the people you need in order to complete your project.


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