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Dimension Lock: The Runners

Coming Soon

Genre: Horror/Comedy/Drama
Media Type: Comic
Short Synopsis:

The story begins with a group of military students who get trapped in the infinite plane of existence called the endless, After their reality is destroyed they are saved by death, but in return they must help death restore all the realities that has been tainted by the evil entity known as the lurker, will the humans find a way to bring back their reality, one day.
Author: Ozoatl

Movies & TV Shows

Dimension Lock Deathly Stories​

Dimension Lock: Deathly Stories

TV Show

The story Follows Maytridaris and her Master Death, as they travel the endless surviving and going on daily adventures to reap and one day bring back the old reapers academy. The stories take place before the events of Dimension Lock:runners, and explores the reapers daily lives and shannicans in short animations.

Partner Projects

Movies & TV Shows

Partner Projects​

Doomsday, PA

Coming Soon

Genre: Drama/Comedy
Media: Feature animated film
Short Synopsis:

A series of intertwining narratives and vignettes of the citizens of the nicknamed city of Doomsday, PA. Crime, monsters, and destruction have become commonplace occurrences in the city.
Author: TheBlackRose

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